Marina Hultholm
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I got my first black&silver miniature schnauzer in 1994. It vas Topsi, Marzinas Janet Jackson. In 1995 Pippi or Marzinas Marilyn Monroe came to us. In november 1997 the first Pro Auctore litter was born and the mother was Pippi.

In 2003 my good friend Marja Kalpamaa (Kennel Marzinas) offered me her female Gloris Daily Mirror to use in breeding. So i october 2003 the first black Pro Auctore litter was born. Gloris Daily Mirror called Ansa was was an extraordinary female with a wonderful character. We will never forget her. Ansas daughter Pro Auctore Athina Nigra called Stella stayed at home with me and is another female we will always remember. It is because of Ansa and Stella I got the breeders award Vuolasvirta 2015 after just 10 litters.

My goal is to breed healty good looking and rough coated miniature schnauzers with good character. That is challenge enough. To get everything in the same dog is not so easy.

I live in a village called Karperö. It is about 10 km outside a town called Vaasa. You can find Vaasa on the Finnish west coast.

I usually have dogs in diffierent ages at home. Some of my stud dogs live with their own families.

Topsi and Pippi

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